We can't change what life throws at us (if we could I'd have puppies and doughnuts, please!), but we can change the way we respond to it. Easier said than done, right? Sometimes we all just need a little helping hand and a little inspiration so let your teeth sink into some easy reading below and you might find something that helps shift your outlook and you may just feel happier and healthier for it :)

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'Welcome change as the rule but not as your ruler'

Nothing like a good quote to settle into is there?

Change, my friends, is constant, and it's the only thing we can be 100% sure of. But it sure can make us feel jittery. How are you getting on with all this change we're experiencing? A whole new way of life, in and out of lockdown like a f***ing yoyo, new rules, old rules, constantly adapting to new schedules, feelings, relationships, daily routines and goals. If you're feeling a bit foggy, it's really no wonder..

Your brain naturally favours predictability (go figure!) because it feels safe and comfortable  to know what's coming next.  The unknown can seem scary, but there are ways and tools you can use to help reduce and minimise the stress natural reaction.

And it all starts with that lovely, intricate, magnificent, most complicated little. computer inside your head. Your brain.

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Remember the last email I sent out about what's happening physically in our bodies during a crisis? If not, go back and take a look as it's got information about the stages we experience.

I promised another email to share with you what you can do to help you grow from this experience, rather than suffer from post-traumatic stress. We've got 6 tips to help you grow and let the light shine through :)

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This. This photo was taken just months before a really hard time in my life. It almost perfectly depicts what I hadn't even realised for myself yet. That I was putting on a brave face when inside things were slowly deteriorating and I wasn't even aware enough to notice or to listen - I was ignoring all the warning signs my mind and my body were trying to set out for me. Looking at this picture, I see this exterior displaying a great sense of achievement and happiness - and now knowing that what was happening underneath was a deep sadness and dread almost makes this picture a little painful to look at.


Stress is different for everyone, and each individual mind has it's own tipping point. I won't go into all the details that caused my tipping point but I would like to share what that tipping point was like for me in case it resonates with anyone else reading and I hope it can help shine some light on a very serious and distressing topic.


My stress manifested in my body so much so that I was left immobilised following a nervous breakdown.

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By engaging in a few relaxing activities daily, or even weekly, you can help lower feelings of stress and anxiety. Here are some of the health benefits from finding time to relax and lowering your cortisol levels;

•  Reduced feelings of depression
• Lower blood pressure
• Strengthened immune system
• Increased muscle mass
• Increased metabolism
• Increased libido
• Reduced fat storage in the body

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