Family Yoga Class in Greenwich

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Do you want to access a state of physical and mental harmony that has, until now, escaped you? Are you looking to attend sessions in family yoga in Greenwich? When you come to The Yoga Room, you will be instructed by those that believe that you deserve to be your best self - if you have any inquiries relating to our sessions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch through the methods specified below.

Here at The Yoga Room, we believe that it is of paramount importance for children to become aware, and practitioners, of mindfulness at an early age. This is so that their ability to overcome situations of a negative nature matures at a faster rate. When you attend our family yoga in Greenwich, you will have the opportunity to mature together with your child - you will be able to learn a wide variety of breathing techniques, as well as physical exercises, that will enable you to calm yourself after experiencing something that has caused you stress. For anyone that is intrigued about these classes, and what they entail, we encourage you to continue your reading, and further your understanding, across our website.


Why Us for Family Yoga in Greenwich?


We are advocates that anyone that wishes to access a higher level of physical perfection, alongside a clean and healthy mental state, should have the tools to achieve this. That is why we do not only provide sessions in family yoga in Greenwich. Thanks to a team of amazing instructors, here at The Yoga Room we are able to run a variety of sessions, such as Candlelit Yin and Slow Flow. We have an extensive timetable of our classes on our website.

In order to continuously enhance the relationship between ourselves and our clients, we here at The Yoga Room are always looking to gain feedback, in order to improve. We believe that, no matter if you are coming to us for family yoga in Greenwich, or simply attending a one-off session, your opinions are valued, and that the key to a successful organisation is an exceptional level of customer service. If you would like to speak to one of our representatives over the phone, please feel free to give us a call at 07507 747544. Alternatively, for those people that are more inclined to utilise written methods of communication, you can either send us an email at or submit to us a brief message, coupled with your contact details, via the enquiry form located on our website’s contact page. We endeavour to respond to all inquiries in a timely, and informative, fashion.