Yoga Classes in New Cross

Do you want to attend somewhere that is committed to ensuring that your wellbeing, both physically and mentally, is of paramount importance? Are you currently looking for yoga classes in New Cross? Why not get in touch with us here at The Yoga Room now, and see how we can help you be the best you can be?

When it comes to fitness classes and regimes that not only help you improve yourself in a physical manner, but also gives you clarity and a clean mental state, you will be hard pressed to find a better solution than that of the yoga classes in New Cross, provided by the Yoga Room. Here, we have a variety of sessions that are able to cater for those of all abilities; no matter if you are a complete novice to yoga and would want a more basic introductory class such as that of Gentle Flow, or are more adept and would like to push yourself via HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training to Savasana, you can be assured that there is a vice for you. For anyone that would like to browse through our complete collection of classes, or would like to go about booking their first session, you can do so on our dedicated timetable page.


Looking for Yoga Classes in New Cross?


Not only do we provide our members with exceptional yoga classes in New Cross - we also pride ourselves on organising yoga retreats across the world. If you would like to truly get in tune with your body, then getting away from your everyday routine is a perfect way to seek harmony. If you would like to learn more about the excusons that we here at The Yoga Room have to offer, do not hesitate to check out our website.

Here at The Yoga Room, we want you to be able to connect with us with ease, in order to create and reinforce a strong relationship. Whether you have a query regarding our yoga classes in New Cross, or would simply like to find out more about our different membership and pricing structures, we would love to hear from you. Thanks to the advancements in the communications industry, we are proud to offer various avenues through which you can get in touch with one of our excellent representatives in the customer service division. For those who favour utilising a written medium, you can either send us an email directly at, or by completing and submitting the enquiry form, situated on our website, with your contact details and a brief message. Alternatively, if you would rather liaise over the phone, you can simply give us a call on 07507 747544.